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Techno Love Series, 2017

Techno Love Series, 2017

Materials: Cotton, Neon Ropes

The Techno Love Series is inspired by the euphoric feeling of connecting with a community through music. It is comprised of 30 woven “cocoons” which are pieces of wearable art. This curatorial approach references Cynthia’s desire for her work to remain inclusive to all communities, rather than an untouchable object.

While wearing the “cocoon” one feels a sense of both protection and liberation due to the weight of the ropes. The weight of the “cocoons” was inspired by the use of Sensory Pressure Vests which are used particularly with children or individuals who are over stimulated. Being inside the weaving offers enough of a mask from the surrounding environment that users are able to let go and move more freely without the fear of judgement. The result is an inclusive wearable piece of art which evokes a sense of playfulness, reflection, peace, and escape which is very similar to that of being in a techno festival.

The ropes woven into the pieces were re purposed from an exhibition last summer at MoMA PS1 called “Weaving the Courtyard” by Estudio Escobedo Soliz. It was important for both Escobedo Soliz and Cynthia to address the amount of waste produced by the art world by not letting the ropes go to waste but instead reworking them into new pieces of art.